3 Month Trial Tee Box Booking to Launch on Monday 4th April

The Club are implementing a 3 month trial of bookable tee-times. This will run from Monday 4th April and will mean that you will need to book your tee-time between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday and from midday on the weekends. 
As with all new ideas the Board is aware that some people may have perceived problems with this system, however once we are all used to it, it can only benefit the club going forward. The reasons for introducing the system are three-fold. 

1) It will make life a lot easier for members to be able to organise their day. If you book 10am, you know that is when you will tee off and you will be off the course around 2pm ready to move onto your next appointment rather than arrive to find a large group on the first tee and end up being late away. 

2) To help promote the course to the growing number of transient golfers who choose not to join a golf club but would rather play at a variety of courses at times to suit them. Most of these regular players book their tee-times online and in the evenings. This means that currently Rookery Park is not an option for them. Working in the shop we are literally turning away potential green fee income almost daily in the playing season as people are not prepared to travel unless they guarantee their slot. I envisage us mostly selling off peak tee-times when the course is quiet but perceived by the buyer as best value. Members will be able to book 15 days in advance and visitors, 8 days ahead. This means that as long as you stay organised, your regular slot will always be available to you, as it is now. 

3) Finally from a management point of view we then know who is where on the course in an emergency and also what times of the week are busiest and quiet for possible promotions or for new members who want to avoid busy times. 

I was at my previous club when they introduced the same system so I am well aware of the issues that will be brought up and I am sympathetic to how difficult a change can be. However I am just aware of how important this change is to the health of the club and that after a short period of time you will be more than comfortable with it as well. 

Tee times can be booked initially in person in the shop or over the phone. Ultimately we are trialling an online system which will come into force if we continue with the bookings beyond the initial 3 months. This will make life even easier.